Photo by DeveZon Lifestyle Photography

Photo by DeveZon Lifestyle Photography

Joelle Felyce Geisler grew up in rural New York, where she was surrounded by family, animals (both pets and woodland creatures), and lots of open land. She has always been an illustrator, and created little characters and the books to go with them from an early age, well before she picked up a paintbrush. She spent many hours picking berries, hunting four-leaf clovers and fossils, reading, and riding horses. Her love of the quieter and smaller things in life and nature carry through to her artwork today.

She hopes that her paintings, illustrations, and wooden games remind people of that childlike sense of wonder that is sometimes drowned out by busy days and lives. It warms her heart when she overhears children and adults inventing back-stories and imagined conversations as they look at her work and characters.

After studying Literature (and art) at Boston College and New York University, Joelle spent ten years in Austin, TX, most of which were spent painting at Pump Project Art Complex. The woods and winters of the northeast called Joelle back home, and she now lives and works in a loft within a beautiful converted mill building at Western Avenue Studios and Lofts in Lowell, MA with her artist husband and their three critters. 

In addition to personal projects - available online, at shows, and at retail locations - Joelle enjoys custom work. Former and current clients include educational software companies, elementary schools, children's book authors, product developers, and many more. Whether a personalized coloring book, an educational tool, or a pet portrait, Joelle enjoys using her whimsical characters and expressive lines to help bring others' visions to life. 

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