In late 2011 I was introduced to Patty the Princess of Power, the Epilog Laser Cutter at MAKEatx in Austin - a membership based laser-cutting workshop run by the wonderful Eve and Kristen.  I'd had a few ideas in mind for years, but never actually finished producing them because I hadn't found the perfect medium.  The laser cutter is just that.  I began using it as an illustrative medium, instead of paints or pencils.  Every image is first hand-drawn, and my hands are on everything that I make, even if Patty helps out.  

Luckily, I found a couple of wonderful laser-cutting options in the northeast.  I'll be spending time at both danger!awesome in Cambridge, MA and at AS220 in Providence, RI.  I'm looking forward to not only continuing my own production, but also being around others who are using these amazing machines for creative purposes.  It makes it all the more inspiring.


Original illustrations are individually etched into birch using the laser-cutter.  They come packaged as pairs - there are 36 possible combinations with each roll!  Current varieties include dating dice, rainy day dice, and breakfast dice.  Stay tuned for more!



Dating Dice!

Whether you've been married for 50 years or dating for 5 weeks, these dice are sure to add to fun spontaneity to your date nights (or days!). 

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Breakfast Dice!

From bacon and eggs to waffles and yogurt, the options are endless.  Most item are pantry/refrigerator staples, and one die is 100% veggie. 

Purchase here. 

Rainy Day Dice!

Goodbye to cabin fever!  Roll one or both depending on how much time you have to fill.  All activities are great for families, couples, individuals, or roommates!

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Custom Dice - made just for you!

Want to have dice made for you or a loved one with 12 activities of your choice?  Yep, I can do that.  Packaging will also be customized with the recipient's name.  To keep drawing time (and therefore cost) down, I ask that you choose from my ever-growing list of options that pair with illustrations I already have.  If you'd like, you can choose 10 pre-existing options and add two new ones of your choice for no extra cost! 

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From stars & moons to monsters vs. monsters, the options are nearly endless.  Choose your colors - mix and match your board and your choice of critters.  Ten playing pieces come packed in hand-stamped bags.  Both pieces and board are hand-painted. 

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Stay tuned for more laser-cut items here, including my rare bear series, pins, magnets, ornaments, and more!


A few years ago, I had the idea to invent a bear species for each letter of the alphabet (oh, the things that come to mind in the wee hours of the night).  It wasn't until I was introduced to a laser cutter that I realized the perfect medium for this project.  All images are my own original illustrations, etched into quality wood.  Here's a sampling.  Click below to find the full alphabet and individual bears on my etsy page.


 See more, and purchase HERE.

More laser-cut fun!

I've recently been using original illustrations and new brainstorms to create some new fun things on the laser cutter.  This includes ornaments, pins, and magnets.  And earrings (coming to etsy soon).  And 3-D stacked wall art (coming to etsy soon). Click the whale below to find whatever's ready!